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Before we compile your brand registration process, we conduct thorough research to ensure that the trademark is unique and not in use.

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Our agents will file the completed trademark application with USPTO and copyright registration applications with U.S Copyright Office.


Businesses Trademarked As a leading digital trademark filing services provider, we have effectively trademarked 1 million businesses.


Businesses Consulted  More than 150000 businesses have reached out to our experts for consultation.


Success Ratio  Our pride, our success ratio! We have a 92% success ratio in the industry.


Copyright Registrations Core TradeMark has delivered over 500000 copyright registrations with good reviews!

Comprehensive Trademark

Why Trademark Research Is Critical?

Detailed research of trademark is highly recommended for the immature and start-up business particularly. Before we head forward with the further formalities of the official registration of your brand or intellectual property, we go for in-depth research regarding your mark. Our comprehensive research enables you to rectify and ensure that your business mark is not in use by anyone else in the corporate market. Practically speaking, by doing so, we help you save enough time and money. We are strict about pre-checking your trademark, as the USPTO filing fees is non-refundable.

Comprehensive Trademark


In order to avoid future legal complications, the trademark owner's legal name and entity type must be mentioned when submitting an application for a logo or brand name registration. The trademark should not be generic or a widely used term, phrase, or Symbol, as they are likely to be rejected. It should also not conflict with a trademark that has already been registered or applied for. Your trademark should not contain a living person's name, signature, or likeness if you do not have that person's express agreement.

Trademark & Copyright Services With
Efficiency and Affordability


$ 149


  • Trademark Search:
    The federal search provides any similar names, logos, or Symbols that are registered or pending with the USPTO
  • State Search:
    The state search does the same for all 50 states
  • Detailed Online Report:
    Identifies any matches with all the information you need to strategize your next step


$ 299


  • Corporate name search
    We run a search for all corporate and other business entity names in all 50 states.
  • Corporate Directories
    We search the corporate directories for listing of others who might be using your name.
  • Common law
    Proprietary internet searches reveal the use of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks.
  • Domain names
    We search the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online.


$ 499


  • Global Search:
    We search for pending and registered marks in these multi-national jurisdictions
  • Domain Names:
    The European community
  • Domain Names:
    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

$49 Rush Priority Processing

(Next business day)

*We will start the process immediately and send it to you for review and approval by the next business day. This service is suitable for those who need their trademark filing a bit faster than usual. We will list your filing on priority but that does not ensure that the U.S Copyright Office will take any action or respond to your filing quickly.



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I called them for their free consultation and I totally admire their honest and genuine feedback on my trademark related issues. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and seemed extremely professional. I will be using Core TradeMark in the future. Thanks again!

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Core TradeMark has experienced professionals under their belt and I recommend their services. They are fast, reliable, and make everything effortless with their professionalism.


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